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Keen Takes Asbestos Risks Seriously

Keen’s asbestos Response Plan offers specific onsite working procedures for our staff and contractors to follow.

If you are a part of the Keen team, work your way through the asbestos risk management steps carefully.

Asbestos Risk Management Steps

STEP 1 – Complete Risk Assessment

Complete an Asbestos Risk Inspection.

** Do not touch any suspected areas **

Click the button below to open the Asbestos Risk Inspection

Begin Risk Assessment Checklist

STEP 2 – Manage the Risk

Erect warning signs

Wet the spot and evacuate immediately.

Close off the area and isolate, warn all staff.

Contact management to arrange corrective measures.

READ SECTION 5 of the Policy, it mentions the risk assessment checklist and asbestos location checklist

Download Keen’s Full Asbestos Policy